Power Down

As you know, there are building works taking place on the Harlow Campus at the moment. 

There is a planned power shut down for Buildings J, D, E, L and K on 7 August 2023, including the IT servers. This means that there will be NO ACCESS to IT or TELEPHONES for all Harlow and STAC based staff.

Impact: For approximately 6 hours there will be no access onsite to IT, (including email) or to telephones – this includes the VPN.

Therefore, please either make arrangements to:

  • work from home (with no access to the VPN) but your MS Teams and email will be accessible
  • carry out non IT related works, for example, filing or clearing out of classrooms or cupboards, as long as you can be based in Building A or UCH.


  • 7 August 2023
  • No power for approx. 6 hours in Buildings J, D, E, L or K
  • Building A and UCH will be open and have power, but will not have IT or telephones.  All other buildings are planned to be closed.
  • No IT or telephones for ALL staff, in all buildings on all sites
  • You will need to find somewhere else to work:


  • in Building A or UCH but without IT or telephones
  • work from home (no VPN) but MS Teams and email will work from home using your laptop or iPad
  • carry out housekeeping type work like filing or clearing, only in Building A or UCH


Last modified: Wednesday, 2 August 2023, 9:58 AM