Using groups and groupings to restrict access to a particular resource or activity to a subset of students.

  1. In Settings / edit settings, set your course to use separate groups (under Groups about halfway down the page).
  2. In Settings, click Users /Groups. Make sure the Groups tab is selected, then create your groups by clicking the Create group button: eg Cohort 1, Cohort 2, Cohort 3 etc.
    Put your students in the appropriate groups: click the group in the left hand column, click the Add/remove users button, select one or more students from the potential members list on the right, then click the Add button. 
    Click the Back to groups button.
  3. Create your groupings: click the Groupings tab, then click Create Grouping -  you just need to give it a name eg Term 1, Term 2, Term 3  and Save changes.
  4. For each grouping, allocate the appropriate group of people to it: click the picture of groups. groups icon at the end of the line for the grouping, select required groups from the list of potential groups on the right, then click the Add button. 
  5. Return to your course page.
  6. Edit any resource / activity which you want to restrict to selected groups: in common module settings, tick ‘available for group members only’, and select the appropriate grouping.(you may need to click the Show advanced button if you cannot see these options).

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