MimeTex is a method of displaying maths symbols in Qube
You create your mathematical expression according to a set of rules, then put $$ on either side of it.

if you type the following into an html box in Qube:

image of mimetex example.
this is what is displayed:

image of mimetex display.

You can use this type of mathematical expression in quiz questions and answers. Remember the double dollar symbols at the beginning and end - it won't work without them and even worse could mess up your course page!

There are lots of examples on the forkosh mimeTeX web site (click on the "more examples" link at the top right of the page). This website also has a query box where you can test your expressions and then cut and paste the result (But don't forget to put the double dollar symbols at the beginning and end when you put in in Qube).

NB it is possible to incorporate formatting (ie font colours and sizes) but I would suggest avoiding that until you've got a bit of experience in formulating expressions with MimeTex.

Last modified: Friday, 31 May 2013, 12:17 PM