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If you are in immediate danger or crisis, please call 999.

This reporting tool will be monitored in normal college working hours only: Monday - Thursday (09:00-17:00) & Friday (09:00-16:45). You can also contact the safeguarding team on 07946713288 during these hours.

To report a safeguarding concern:

  1. Speak to your PDC or trusted member of staff.
  2. Visit safeguarding in AG03 near main reception at Harlow College or the Star Agency at STAC.
  3. If these options are not possible at present then please use the anonymous reporting tool.


  • What might I report using this tool?
    • To tell us a concern on campus - 'the back turnstile has a groups of people hanging around at lunchtime and it feels intimidating to walk through the gate'.
  • Is it really anonymous?
    • Yes, unless you choose to tell us your name or email address, we won't know who reported this concern. This does mean we will not be able to personally respond to you.
  • Why is having an anonymous reporting tool important?
    • To help us better understand the issues around college or issues that you are facing.

College Anonymous Reporting Tool

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