Using MS Word (2007 or later) or Powerpoint 2010 to create Mathematical symbols and equations for use in Qube

  • You can insert mathematical symbols just as you would insert any other symbol. But you can also create your own mathematical equations.
  • Click the Equation arrow in the Symbols group on the Insert tab to display a list of standard equations, including the Quadratic Formula. Click any of these to insert in your document / slide.
  • If you need something other than the pre-defined standard equations, click the Equation button to insert a blank area where you can build your own equations using a library of mathematical symbols.
  • After building your equation, you can add it to the Equation gallery so that is available any time.

Once you have your expression in the word document / powerpoint slide you must save it as an image. This is easier in Powerpoint since you can save your slide(s) directly as image files. A gif is the suggested file type to choose - it's usually a smaller file than a jpg.

 Once you have your image you can insert it into a question / label / webpage on Qube in the usual way.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 June 2013, 2:20 PM