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Ficheiro Acceptable Use Statement

Harlow College's Acceptable Use Statement

Página Qube FAQs (Staff)

Qube Frequently Asked Questions (Staff)

Página Forgotten password

How to log into Qube

Página Groups and Groupings

Using Groups and Groupings to restrict access to a particular resource or activity to a subset of students

Página Noodle

How to use Noodle - the easy way to add NLN materials to your Qube course

Página Staff Discount Offers

A list of the staff benefits /discounts / offers available to staff at Harlow College

Página Qube Spotlight Archive

Qube Spotlight archive

Página MimeTex
How to reproduce mathematical expressions like this:

 \frac{1}{4} \ or \ Nm^{2}C^{-2K}
Página Apprenticeships


Página Qube FAQs (Students)

Qube FAQs for Students

Página Drag and drop matching question
Página Latest News block
Página Using MS Office equation editor

Using MS Word (2007 or later) or Powerpoint 2010 to create Mathematical symbols and equations for use in Qube

Página Student Discount Offers

Discounts / Offers for Harlow College Students

Página Collapsed Topics course format

Collapsed Topics course format



Ficheiro College Map




Ficheiro Student Disciplinary Policy

Student Disciplinary Policy

Ficheiro Guide to updating destinations on Qube (Word)

Guide to using the Actual Destinations app

Ficheiro Guide to updating destinations on Qube (PDF)

PDF Guide to updating destinations on Qube

Ficheiro Student Commitment to Study

Student Commitment to Study

Ficheiro Motor Bike / Scooter Pass (Harlow Campus)

Motor Bike / Scooter Pass to allow parking at Harlow campus

Ficheiro Disability Statement

Disability Statement

Ficheiro Predicted Grades Report Excel Template

Template to format and print predicted grades report (for those who can't print the report in IE)

Ficheiro Predicted Grades Tutorial Summary Report Excel template

Predicted Grades Tutorial Summary Report Excel macro template

Ficheiro Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding and Prevent Policy

Página Illustrated podcasts

Examples of illustrated podcasts

Página Use of cookies in Qube

what cookies are and how to control them in your web browser

Página Staff Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing activities timetable

Ficheiro Student Induction Presentation

The slides from the Student Induction Presentation

Ficheiro Skylight Restaurant Staff Menu
Página iZone Digital Library

izone digital library page displays links to heritage, ebrary and dawsonera

Ficheiro Personal Disclosure Form

Personal Disclosure Form

Ficheiro Learning Support Policy

Learning Support Policy

Ficheiro Completing application on apprenticeship

Completing your application on Apprenticeships.gov and Get My First Job

Ficheiro Sharing Data Statement

Sharing Data Statement

Ficheiro Paringdon staff discount

Flyer for Paringdon Sports Centre

Ficheiro Paringdon Student Discount

Flyer for Paringdon Sports Centre

Ficheiro Moving On

Moving On presentation

Ficheiro Harlow Independent Advisory Group

Harlow Independent Advisory Group

Ficheiro Ofsted logo


Ficheiro Student Voice
Ficheiro Lessons from Auschwitz Application Form
Página Printing from Mobile Devices
Ficheiro Water fountain locations
Ficheiro Student Enrichment 2017/18
Ficheiro jack petchey student award nomination form
Ficheiro jack petchey staff award nomination form

jack petchey staff award nomination form

Página Blended Learning Consortium - Construction
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Engineering
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Health and Care
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Business
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Travel
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Protective Services
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Hair & Beauty
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Sport
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Hospitality
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Childcare
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Employability
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Plumbing
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Science
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Maths
Página Closure of College entrance in The Hides
Página Blended Learning Consortium - English and Literacy
Página Blended Learning Consortium - Motor Vehicle
Ficheiro Hospitality Order Form
Página Help with your next step

This page contains info for people requesting moving on guidance from the Star Agency.

Ficheiro Skylight Student offers
Página student voice

learner voice logo Click here to complete the Spring 2018 Student Satisfaction Questionnaire
Ficheiro Skylight student offers
Ficheiro Care To Learn
Ficheiro Mobile phone use by Students Statement
Ficheiro Student Code of Conduct
Ficheiro UPark 19-20 Calendar
Ficheiro epipen junior guidance
Ficheiro epipen letter
Ficheiro uk search fair 2019
Página Important epipen information
Ficheiro F1 in Schools UK
Ficheiro Staff Appreciation cards
Ficheiro Performance Appraisal System - changes for 2019
Ficheiro leicester summer school 2019
Ficheiro Well Fair poster 2019
Ficheiro Exam rooms map
Ficheiro Hides Gate Closure Student Letter
Ficheiro Hides Gate Closure Map
Ficheiro Hides Gate Closure PDF
Página Updated Coronavirus advice
Página Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus - latest updates

Página Dealing with the effects of illegal substance abuse
Página Working during College closure
Ficheiro Student guide to being successful during College Shutdown
Ficheiro How to change your college network password
Ficheiro fillable form
Página Qube Front Page slideshow - text version
Página Accessibility Statement Moodle 3.5
Página Accessibility Statement
Página Going to Uni? Join in with these talks on Finance and going to Uni

Series of widening participation talks facilitated by ARU

Página Return to College 08/03/21 - Update on COVID testing
Página Student Covid-19 LFD testing weeks beginning 15th March and 22nd March
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